I am a former business man from way long ago.  I owned a front end alignment shop for almost a year until an accident happened.  I had to split the insurance money with the lost payee and was not able to have enough funding to reopen.  While owning this shop I gained more experience working on both cars and trucks: However I admit most of my experience came from the United States Marine Corps.  My military occupational specialty or MOS was a 3521 LVS mechanic but I turned wrenches on a lot more equipment than my MOS trained me for.  While I learned a lot I also took my MOS very seriously.  Later on in life I ran into trouble and my atheistic past caught up with me and I went to prison for almost a decade.  Without a lot to do I read the Bible and when I wasn't reading the Bible I was designing better engines.  I had limited access to engine plans for advanced engine technology I began thinking about engine principles and what worked for power generation and what didn't.  What I began to understand is that a lot of power increasing devices had a direct correlation with increased amounts of fuel burned.  There is no silver bullet to power generation other than the more air and more fuel you can stuff into an engine the more power you produce.  While my system which is tried and true:  Stanley Meyers invented a Brown's Gas system and Lee Rogers an "air" nitrogen powered car both of them produced running and perfected designs.  

During my life as a Christian I have learned a lot about people. Sadly that includes a lot of bad reports from other Christians which were hard lessons and came at high costs.  During my later years from 28 on I have suffered mental health issues which 22 years later I have learned to both deal with and to manage with medications which the Veteran's Association provides.  
EXPERTISE, I am a trained mechanic once in the US Marines...
And now a confident man Proud to be a Christian!!!