​There are several ways of producing power but they center around using a combustible fuel and other than Brown's Gas these fuels are fossil fuels.  I love fossil fuels and don't see a real problem with them in powering the automotive industry, avionics, ships, generators and more:  There are problems.  One is noise pollution and air pollution and other problems as well.  What about a fuel that is able to operate in all temperatures and used correctly could produce more power than a fossil fueled engine: this fuel would allow engines to operate producing little to no heat, and very low noise pollution.  And yes while our current technology can be improved upon there is an even better engine design, as well as fuel that renews itself while driving.  This type of fueling I have named BG-nitrogen and uses what I call the Yeshua Cycle which out lives the Carnot or Otto Cycle.  This new cycle is closed-loop which both the fuel and its product recycle themselves.  BG or Brown's Gas condensates back into water and can be remade into Brown's Gas or H2 O2.  Meanwhile nitrogen a secondary fuel which upon the power stroke (a two stroke cycle for both fuel types) goes from liquid phase to a hot gas phase.  The heat is generated as a byproduct of BG combustion in which H2 and O2 create water in an oxygen rich environment.  While the combustion cycle could use both fuels in the same power stroke I have also planned them out for use in separate strokes which I admit complicates the matter none-the-less can be done relatively inexpensively.  This whole process can be redeveloped and redesigned for use in both gasoline and diesel engines though I have an entirely new power plant that uses reciprocating pistons yet having two counter-turning crankshafts four connecting rods per cylinder and entirely new designed valving.  What I want to do is create an engine as I have described yet having far more power output than competing gasoline and diesel models used on the road today.  Note this fueling system will work in all engine applications including turbine engines.    
WELCOME TO YAHWEH POWER- The true perpetual age for our future!!!

YouTubes proving Stanley Meyers technology works.